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Organization of Spridget Handymen In Transit


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Our organization formed a while ago by a handful of Spridget owners in the PA, NY, NJ, and MD area. These owners got together every so often to help one another work on each other's cars.
This was found to be so much fun, that it kept happening! And so the "Organization" was created.

Are we really organized....? Well not really.
We simply email each other when one has a project. We all offer dates, and the date with the most members able to attend is the selected date.

How does one become a member?
Easily! You just show up for a project. See, our "Meetings" are simply projects. We don't get together to go bowling or other so called "manly" things. We meet when someone has a project to get done.

Members not only help others, but benefit from other members.
To hold an OSHIT meeting, one must have a project, and supply: A work area, parts needed, food (pizza, burgers, etc.), beverage (soda, beer, coffee, etc), and directions to the work area... usually someone's driveway or garage. Members also pool their tools. A census is taken via email of what tools are needed. What ever the project owner does not have, the other members bring.

OSHIT meetings have been known to include more than one project. Sometimes 2 or 3 members will bring their Spridgets. We will work on the project till completed, and if time permits, we will work on another member's spridget who needs something.

This page is a record of the OSHIT Accomplished Tasks.
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Look below at our Frappr Map.
Here you can see where our members are all located.

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